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Even old dogs need love too. These elders will probably love you and trust you and be by your side more than any other age. These are animals who know what life is about and know how tough it can be or how easy it can be. They’ve probably been through hardships just like us humans - though theirs are different, they still view them as hardships, so who are we to say “that isn’t emotionally scarring”? Give old dogs a chance. Don’t pass them up in the shelter because they won’t live as long. Don’t give your dog away because his face is turning gray. Look at how adorable this old canine is! What a beautiful animal. Save, keep, cherish… an old dog. For all the old ladies and men out there in the canine world!


I have to leave for the skeleton war. I love you son

What Is Women’s Studies? by Andy Dwyer


*streetpasses the same person twice* what are we

It Wasn't Me (ft. RikRok Shaggy



break the rules

no gods no kings no masters


Marcella Tanaya by Nicoline Patricia Malina